25.B - Saison (BJCP 2021)


A family of refreshing, highly attenuated, hoppy, and fairly bitter Belgian ales with a very dry finish and high carbonation. Characterized by a fruity, spicy, sometimes phenolic fermentation profile, and the use of cereal grains and sometimes spices for complexity. Several variations in strength and color exist.


A pleasantly aromatic mix of fruity-spicy yeast and hops. The fruity esters are moderate to high, and often have a citrus fruit, pome fruit, or stone fruit character. Low to moderately-high spicy notes are often like black pepper, not clove. Hops are low to moderate and have a continental character (spicy, floral, earthy, or fruity). The malt is often overshadowed, but if detected is lightly grainy. Spices and herbs optional, but must not dominate. Sourness optional (see Comments).

Pale gold to deep amber in color, sometimes pale orange. Long-lasting, dense, rocky white to ivory head. Belgian lace. Unfiltered, so clarity is variable (poor to good) and may be hazy. Effervescent.

A balance of fruity and spicy yeast, hoppy bitterness, and grainy malt with moderate to high bitterness, and a very dry finish. The fruity and spicy aspects are medium-low to medium-high, and hop flavor is low to medium, both with similar character as in the aroma (same descriptors apply). Malt is low to medium, with a soft, grainy palate. Very high attenuation, never with a sweet or heavy finish. Bitter, spicy aftertaste. Spices and herbs optional, but if used must be in harmony with the yeast. Sourness optional (see Comments).

Light to medium-low body. Very high carbonation. Effervescent. Light warming alcohol optional. Sourness rare but optional (see Comments).


Pale base malt. Cereal grains, such as wheat, oats, spelt, or rye. May contain sugary adjuncts. Continental hops. Spicy-fruity Belgian Saison yeast. Spices and herbs are uncommon, but allowable if they don’t dominate.


Ellezelloise Saison 2000, Lefebvre Saison 1900, Saison Dupont, Saison de Pipaix, Saison Voisin, Boulevard Tank 7


Data Min. Max.
Original gravity 1.048 1.065
Final gravity 1.002 1.008
Bitterness 20.0 IBU 35.0 IBU
Color 0.0 EBC 0.0 EBC
Alcohol 0.00 ° 0.00 °

Recipes on Zython (12)

Belle saison chemilloise
All grain- 25.B - Saison
7.0% 25 IBU 10.0 l Tintin
Grisette Fragile v7.1 – 2024-03
All grain- 25.B - Saison
4.3% 0 IBU 540.0 l enso
Grisette Fragile v7 – 2024-02-05
All grain- 25.B - Saison
4.2% 25 IBU 540.0 l enso
Épices & Love
All grain- 25.B - Saison
5.7% 31 IBU 25.0 l enso
Saison de Mars
All grain- 25.B - Saison
6.4% 48 IBU 540.0 l enso
Les Copains d'abord
All grain- 25.B - Saison
5.6% 22 IBU 58.0 l manu
Grisette v6 – 2023-06-19
All grain- 25.B - Saison
4.2% 28 IBU 540.0 l enso
Grisette v5 - 2023-06-06
All grain- 25.B - Saison
3.9% 29 IBU 540.0 l enso
Grisette v4 – 2023-05-15
All grain- 25.B - Saison
4.0% 32 IBU 540.0 l enso
Grisette v3 – 2023-04-06
All grain- 25.B - Saison
4.0% 29 IBU 550.0 l enso
Grisette v2 – 2023-03-14
All grain- 25.B - Saison
4.9% 32 IBU 550.0 l enso
All grain- 25.B - Saison
6.0% 0 IBU 25.0 l Jef

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