21.A - American IPA (BJCP 2021)


A decidedly hoppy and bitter, moderately strong, pale American ale. The balance is hop-forward, with a clean fermentation profile, dryish finish, and clean, supporting malt allowing a creative range of hop character to shine through.


A prominent to intense hop aroma often featuring American or New World hop characteristics, such as citrus, floral, pine, resin, spice, tropical fruit, stone fruit, berry, or melon. Low to medium-low clean, grainy maltiness supports the hop presentation. Generally clean fermentation profile, but light fruitiness acceptable. Restrained alcohol optional.

Color ranging from medium gold to light reddish-amber. Clear, but light haze allowable. Medium-sized, white to off-white head with good persistence.

Medium to very high hop flavor (same descriptors as aroma). Low to medium-low clean and grainy maltiness, possibly with light caramel and toast flavors. Medium-high to very high bitterness. Dry to medium-dry finish. Hoppy, bitter aftertaste with supportive malt. Low esters optional. Background clean alcohol flavor optional.

Medium-light to medium body, with a smooth texture. Medium to medium-high carbonation. No harshness. Very light, smooth warmth optional.


Pale base malt. American or English yeast with a clean or slightly fruity profile. Generally all-malt, but sugar additions are acceptable. Restrained use of crystal malts. Often uses American or New World hops but any varieties are acceptable; new hop varieties continue to be released and may be used even if they do not have the sensory profiles listed as examples.


Bell’s Two-Hearted Ale, Cigar City Jai Alai, Fat Heads Head Hunter IPA, Firestone Walker Union Jack, Maine Lunch, Russian River Blind Pig IPA


Data Min. Max.
Original gravity 1.056 1.070
Final gravity 1.008 1.014
Bitterness 40.0 IBU 70.0 IBU
Color 11.8 EBC 27.6 EBC
Alcohol 5.50 ° 7.50 °

Recipes on Zython (7)

Connivence C31 - Blonde v7 IPA
All grain- 21.A - American IPA
4.4% 11 IBU 280.0 l vincenW38
Blonde IPA
All grain- 21.A - American IPA
6.1% 53 IBU 20.0 l chris
Space comet
All grain- 21.A - American IPA
5.5% 65 IBU 55.0 l Abeerbol
[Pour Alex] petite ipa
All grain- 21.A - American IPA
4.4% 52 IBU 10.0 l Tintin
Connivence C31 - Blonde v6 IPA
All grain- 21.A - American IPA
4.9% 32 IBU 250.0 l vincenW38
Connivence C31 - SMaSH v5 Session IPA
All grain- 21.A - American IPA
4.0% 15 IBU 220.0 l vincenW38
Bière février
All grain- 21.A - American IPA
6.9% 79 IBU 20.0 l Paulferreira

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