22.C - Wood Aged Beer (BJCP 2008)


A harmonious blend of the base beer style with characteristics from aging in contact with wood
(including any alcoholic products previously in contact with the wood). The best examples will be smooth, flavorful, wellbalanced and well-aged. Beers made using either limited wood aging or products that only provide a subtle background character may be entered in the base beer style categories as long as the wood character isn


Aroma: Varies with base style. A low to moderate wood- or oak-based aroma is usually present. Fresh wood can occasionally impart raw


Varies with base style. Aged in wooden casks or barrels (often previously used to store whiskey, bourbon, port, sherry, Madeira, or wine), or using wood-based additives (wood chips, wood staves, oak essence). Fuller-bodied, highergravity base styles often are used since they can best stand up to the additional flavors, although experimentation is encouraged.


The Lost Abbey Angel


Data Min. Max.
Original gravity 1.030 1.110
Final gravity 1.006 1.024
Bitterness 5.0 IBU 70.0 IBU
Color 9.8 EBC 98.5 EBC
Alcohol 2.50 ° 12.00 °

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Kveik barriquée
All grain- 22.C - Wood Aged Beer
6.4% 14 IBU 550.0 l enso

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