28.B - Fruit Cider (BJCP 2008)


This is a cider with other fruits or fruit-juices added - for example, berry. Note that a


Aroma/Flavor: The cider character must be present and must fit with the other fruits. It is a fault if the adjuncts completely dominate; a judge might ask,


Apples with fruit or fruit juice added. Adjuncts should not dominate, but should blend well. High attenuation yeast.


[US] West County Blueberry-Apple Wine (MA), AEppelTreow Red Poll Cran-Apple Draft Cider (WI), Bellwether Cherry Street (NY), Uncle John


Data Min. Max.
Original gravity 1.045 1.070
Final gravity 0.995 1.010
Bitterness 0.0 IBU 0.0 IBU
Color 2.0 EBC 19.7 EBC
Alcohol 5.00 ° 9.00 °

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