12.A - Brown Porter (BJCP 2008)


A fairly substantial English dark ale with restrained roasty characteristics. Originating in England, porter evolved from a blend of beers or gyles known as


Aroma: Malt aroma with mild roastiness should be evident, and may have a chocolaty quality. May also show some nonroasted malt character in support (caramelly, grainy, bready, nutty, toffee-like and/or sweet). English hop aroma moderate to none. Fruity esters moderate to none. Diacetyl low to none.
Appearance: Light brown to dark brown in color, often with ruby highlights when held up to light. Good clarity, although may approach being opaque. Moderate off-white to light tan head with good to fair retention.
Flavor: Malt flavor includes a mild to moderate roastiness (frequently with a chocolate character) and often a significant caramel, nutty, and/or toffee character. May have other secondary flavors such as coffee, licorice, biscuits or toast in support. Should not have a significant black malt character (acrid, burnt, or harsh roasted flavors), although small amounts may contribute a bitter chocolate complexity. English hop flavor moderate to none. Medium-low to medium hop bitterness will vary the balance from slightly malty to slightly bitter. Usually fairly well attenuated, although somewhat sweet versions exist. Diacetyl should be moderately low to none. Moderate to low fruity esters.
Mouthfeel: Medium-light to medium body. Moderately low to moderately high carbonation.


English ingredients are most common. May contain several malts, including chocolate and/or other dark roasted malts and caramel-type malts. Historical versions would use a significant amount of brown malt. Usually does not contain large amounts of black patent malt or roasted barley. English hops are most common, but are usually subdued. London or Dublin-type water (moderate carbonate hardness) is traditional. English or Irish ale yeast, or occasionally lager yeast, is used. May contain a moderate amount of adjuncts (sugars, maize, molasses, treacle, etc.).


Fuller's London Porter, Samuel Smith Taddy Porter, Burton Bridge Burton Porter, RCH Old Slug Porter, Nethergate Old Growler Porter, Hambleton Nightmare Porter, Harvey


Data Min. Max.
Original gravity 1.040 1.052
Final gravity 1.008 1.014
Bitterness 18.0 IBU 35.0 IBU
Color 39.4 EBC 59.1 EBC
Alcohol 4.00 ° 5.40 °

Recipes on Zython (10)

All grain- 12.A - Brown Porter
5.5% 29 IBU 25.0 l Le_mur_des_fermentations
a la porte
All grain- 12.A - Brown Porter
5.1% 27 IBU 30.0 l Bierhexen
Cassis chocolat
All grain- 12.A - Brown Porter
5.8% 24 IBU 15.0 l Jef
porter poivre mure
All grain- 12.A - Brown Porter
4.7% 45 IBU 200.0 l jus
Connivence Stout C8
All grain- 12.A - Brown Porter
5.6% 47 IBU 110.0 l vincenW38
All grain- 12.A - Brown Porter
4.4% 27 IBU 24.0 l LaurentFourniol
Connivence Stout
All grain- 12.A - Brown Porter
5.7% 49 IBU 80.0 l vincenW38
All grain- 12.A - Brown Porter
4.5% 34 IBU 23.5 l LaurentFourniol
L'amère porter
All grain- 12.A - Brown Porter
5.2% 37 IBU 45.0 l martyn
Brune - 10
All grain- 12.A - Brown Porter
10.4% 20 IBU 46.0 l martyn

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