13.A - Dry Stout (BJCP 2008)


A very dark, roasty, bitter, creamy ale. The style evolved from attempts to capitalize on the success of London porters, but originally reflected a fuller, creamier, more


Aroma: Coffee-like roasted barley and roasted malt aromas are prominent; may have slight chocolate, cocoa and/or grainy secondary notes. Esters medium-low to none. No diacetyl. Hop aroma low to none.
Appearance: Jet black to deep brown with garnet highlights in color. Can be opaque (if not, it should be clear). A thick, creamy, long-lasting, tan- to brown-colored head is characteristic.
Flavor: Moderate roasted, grainy sharpness, optionally with light to moderate acidic sourness, and medium to high hop bitterness. Dry, coffee-like finish from roasted grains. May have a bittersweet or unsweetened chocolate character in the palate, lasting into the finish. Balancing factors may include some creaminess, medium-low to no fruitiness, and medium to no hop flavor. No diacetyl.
Mouthfeel: Medium-light to medium-full body, with a creamy character. Low to moderate carbonation. For the high hop bitterness and significant proportion of dark grains present, this beer is remarkably smooth. The perception of body can be affected by the overall gravity with smaller beers being lighter in body. May have a light astringency from the roasted grains, although harshness is undesirable.


The dryness comes from the use of roasted unmalted barley in addition to pale malt, moderate to high hop bitterness, and good attenuation. Flaked unmalted barley may also be used to add creaminess. A small percentage (perhaps 3%) of soured beer is sometimes added for complexity (generally by Guinness only). Water typically has moderate carbonate hardness, although high levels will not give the classic dry finish.


Guinness Draught Stout (also canned), Murphy's Stout, Beamish Stout, O


Data Min. Max.
Original gravity 1.036 1.050
Final gravity 1.007 1.011
Bitterness 30.0 IBU 45.0 IBU
Color 49.2 EBC 78.8 EBC
Alcohol 4.00 ° 5.00 °

Recipes on Zython (7)

Laisse-toi Porter
All grain- 13.A - Dry Stout
4.2% 32 IBU 75.0 l enso
All grain- 13.A - Dry Stout
0.0% 0 IBU 15.0 l matyas
La VanHamme Noire
All grain- 13.A - Dry Stout
5.9% 33 IBU 10.0 l Fela
Stout aux myrtilles
All grain- 13.A - Dry Stout
3.8% 40 IBU 25.0 l Smileey
Stout aux myrtilles
All grain- 13.A - Dry Stout
3.8% 40 IBU 25.0 l Olivier_Cock
Stout aux myrtilles
All grain- 13.A - Dry Stout
3.8% 40 IBU 25.0 l cessna18
All grain- 13.A - Dry Stout
6.2% 33 IBU 10.0 l vreid

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