17.A - Berliner Weiss (BJCP 2008)


A very pale, sour, refreshing, low-alcohol wheat ale. A regional specialty of Berlin; referred to by Napoleon's troops in 1809 as


Aroma: A sharply sour, somewhat acidic character is dominant. Can have up to a moderately fruity character. The fruitiness may increase with age and a flowery character may develop. A mild Brettanomyces aroma may be present. No hop aroma, diacetyl, or DMS.
Appearance: Very pale straw in color. Clarity ranges from clear to somewhat hazy. Large, dense, white head with poor retention due to high acidity and low protein and hop content. Always effervescent.
Flavor: Clean lactic sourness dominates and can be quite strong, although not so acidic as a lambic. Some complementary bready or grainy wheat flavor is generally noticeable. Hop bitterness is very low. A mild Brettanomyces character may be detected, as may a restrained fruitiness (both are optional). No hop flavor. No diacetyl or DMS.
Mouthfeel: Light body. Very dry finish. Very high carbonation. No sensation of alcohol.


Wheat malt content is typically 50% of the grist (as with all German wheat beers) with the remainder being Pilsner malt. A symbiotic fermentation with top-fermenting yeast and Lactobacillus delbruckii provides the sharp sourness, which may be enhanced by blending of beers of different ages during fermentation and by extended cool aging. Hop bitterness is extremely low. A single decoction mash with mash hopping is traditional.


Schultheiss Berliner Weisse, Berliner Kindl Weisse, Nodding Head Berliner Weisse, Weihenstephan 1809 (unusual in its 5% ABV), Bahnhof Berliner Style Weisse, Southampton Berliner Weisse, Bethlehem Berliner Weisse, Three Floyds Deesko


Data Min. Max.
Original gravity 1.028 1.032
Final gravity 1.003 1.006
Bitterness 3.0 IBU 8.0 IBU
Color 3.9 EBC 5.9 EBC
Alcohol 2.80 ° 3.80 °

Recipes on Zython (7)

All grain- 17.A - Berliner Weiss
6.2% 16 IBU 550.0 l enso
Frescor aice
All grain- 17.A - Berliner Weiss
3.6% 5 IBU 90.0 l Solanacea
Sour Berliner weiss
All grain- 17.A - Berliner Weiss
3.4% 10 IBU 20.0 l Tintin
All grain- 17.A - Berliner Weiss
5.1% 16 IBU 1000.0 l enso
Abonnés Absinthe
All grain- 17.A - Berliner Weiss
3.0% 6 IBU 30.0 l enso
Space Pussy Gose
All grain- 17.A - Berliner Weiss
3.8% 20 IBU 20.0 l Bierhexen
Das Weiß Ich Nicht
All grain- 17.A - Berliner Weiss
3.4% 0 IBU 20.0 l Ololduck

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